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Hola i stole my sister's laptop to type this, she is in apalacia for the week on a mission trip so its ok. why do teachers torture students with homework over spring break, its called a break for a reason! I hav to complete my career paper, complete the outline of my thesis paper on huck finn, and do other stuff that i were supposed to do over the past weekend. gaauhh sschool will be the death of me. dont get me wrong, i love my english teacher this year, but she gives rediculous amounts of homework. i hate it. two months of school left this school year until i graduate and i feel lik i will die before i get there. 
Anyway, i get to hang out with friends tomorrow. we gonna go to da city tomorrow. gon hav fun an paarrrty. jkjk  i too scared/paranoid to party. lol
i hav recently come across sum awesum music tho:
  • ariel pink's haunted graffiti 
  • the breeders
  • joanna newsum
  • fiona apple
an other artists that i'm not good a remembering right now. 
i really need to be reading some books tho. i really not good at reading and i feel bad, but really want to read. 
can anyone recommend me any good books???
i also hav been watchin a lot of how i met your mother lately. its a cheesy show an is like a modern attempted remake of friends sort of show, but its fine to pass time and waste time. 
also, as of late, i'v been wearing a blue nail polish. i usually either wear black or white, then i started to wear a classic read/wine sort of color (it made me feel like a vampire (: ), then suddenly i wore a brightish blue color. i usually never wear bright colored nail polish but i strangely like it. 
im tired. im bored. i need to shower. i need to do homework. i need to sleep. i want to get a job, lol. 

who wanna parrty!!!

im jealous of people to go places over spring break. i mean cat is in london, meghan is in rome, why cant i go somewher extra speecial. lol, i'v nevr been out of the country before! i dont care tho, i dont wanna travel all ovr the world in the beginning of my lifetime then be bored of magnificent places when im older (i kno that that theroy doesnt hold, but idgaf)

im also havin trouble deciding what i wantout of my future. i mean, i felt interested in nursing and psychology and in art and a little in teaching, but i dont kkno. do i really want to spend my life doing something so boring, but i dont kno. idk about future stuff because sisters growing up and changing and idk if i wanna be like that or if i wanna be how i picture my life to be wen i was younger or how my parents want me to be. idk, idk, i wanna hav clarity.
ya kno wen you get so hung up on an idea of something being so great, then you over think it and wanna back out, but then you feel regret about your past decision, but then you think what it that was the wrong decision!
idk, im a bit paranoid. 
y ,uhuv jkhvbjkweuadfnkuifasuywerjsg   1````````````````222222222`1

sry i got bored. if anyone has read this far down, comment saying "lol i gotta parrrty!"

well bye bye!


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Ronnie Weasley
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United States
Drawing, sketching, and doodling are my passion.( Mainly characters from my fandoms). I will be honest, I don't upload very often because I get scared to start new projects and I take some time to draw, saying that I'm a major perfectionist.
But anyways, I am completely obsessed with Doctor Who and Adventure Time.

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